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    hi i'm new to nikon's system... for D70s...
    i need to get tamron's 17-50 with or without motor??
    many thanks..

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    Either will work with the D70s. The D70s has a built in focusing motor.

    Only the newer D40, 40x, 60, 3000 and 5000 does not have a built in focusing motor. Those require lenses which has a focusing motor.
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    Best to get one without motor since d70s can autofocus faster with it.
    However, they are no longer in production now and you can only get them used.

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    many thanks... will check it out..

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    I think better without motor... If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that the one with motor sometimes has problem with its motor system... Since you do not need it, based on my understanding, why do not go for the 'less' problematic one...

    but it is true that it will be hard to get it now... any idea? I am looking for this one also... hope that the one without motor will be cheaper than the new version...


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