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    Default Rings <3

    thanks for dropping by!

    played with my iPod's lightpainting app to get this purplish look.

    anw, pardon some of the scratches on it,

    wish there were the other ring, it'll look more nicer in pair right?

    anw, i have a question to ask too,
    how do i achieve a lens flare on ring, i tried in everyway, playing with layers, overlaying,
    but it just wont work but overexposed my picture instead..

    the best camera is the camera that is with you; A200/500/33 (:

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    I really like the first one, its great! The fact you can see the inscription makes it even nicer.

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    Number 1 is awesome . The back kground is great . To achieve lens flare you can use photoshop. I'm not particullary sure how . But I conform there is a way to do it in ps.

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    In my CS2 its Filter->Render->Lens Flare

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    glad you like it.

    yeap, ive tried using lens flare,
    but because there is too many "whites", it can hardly be seen,
    and if i increase the amount, it will turn out overexoposed.
    my motive to have it is to have those "lines" from the lens flare to show that its shining out.
    the best camera is the camera that is with you; A200/500/33 (:


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