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Thread: Non DSLR owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by prayerboy
    Furthermore, I like taking digital pictures and digitally manipulate them to create special effects too. Can edit and make not-so-nice pictures to quality pics.
    interesting point (but don't forget you can always scan in your 'analogue' photographs,too! albeit..more time consuming and tedious) i wish when i started out in photography, i had tools like affordable digi-cams to help me back then...if i add up all the costs savings, perhaps i can afford another camera body liaoz!

    but don't forget the point that, 'editing and making not so nice pics to quality pics' is not strictly photography's digital artistry/manipulation. some purists might call it 'cheating' ... but i won't go as far as that. (afterall, we have the aesthic right to do anything, by all means, to achieve our artistic vision.)

    however, do strive to get the best possible shot in-camera, rather than 'fix-in-post-production' (something that's often heard in the industry, lol)

    all the best ya?

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    hi prayerboy,

    hope u also have the time to shoot subjects that you won't normally photograph... it may surprise you by broadening ur photographic vision!

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