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Thread: Sony ? Canon ? Come See !

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    Your thread title is really misleading!!

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    Canon user here, I will still stick to Canon (rather than Sony) even if starting all over again. Reason: I like Canon after-sale service, and Canon already have all the diff lens and flashes I need. On top of these, there are lots of 3rd party add-ons for Canon and these really spice up the hobby at time.
    Might consider A850 if there are cheap (~$1k) 2nd hand available. Just for the FF experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberon View Post
    Actually long run or short run see the type of battery used in the camera.

    Sony has introduce only 3 types for their DSLR batteries.

    NP-FM55H (A100) already EOL, replaced by the below...

    NP-FM500H (A100, 200, 300, 350, 700, 850 and 900) the fact that they made sure that NP-FM500H is backward compatible with A100 tells a lot. They could have just killed the A100 by pulling the plug on the battery and backward compatibility of the new battery. It has been 2 years plus and 6 models released and NP-FM500H is still the staple battery for the stable of cameras. How much commitment is there? You decide.

    NP-FH50 (For A230, 330 and 380)

    I think this goes to show Sony intends to be in this business for a long while. Besides this, all minolta A-Mount lenses are compatible with Sony's Alpha system. This is so unlike Sony's FMCG strategy where they would EOL not only the product but also the accessories very quickly to push adoption of newer products.
    ya, one thing i hate about Canon is that almost every new camera model needs new batt or batt grip. u cant carryover when u upgrade your body. (400D to 450D. 5D to 5D2.)
    to me, its a marketing ploy to rip off loyal users and those things are not cheap to begin with. =(

    the situation seems to be better nowadays but still...

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    Default Re: Sony ? Canon ? Come See !

    brand war ends here

    every camera has it's own target market
    just as long as the camera can take pictures, it is a good camera

    thread closed

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