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Thread: Why do you have to turn off IS/VR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abduljackul View Post
    Here is Scott Kelby's explanation from his book "The Digital Photography book - Step by Step Guide- How to make your photos Lok like the Pros"

    "The non-technical explanation why is, these VR lenses look for vibration. If they don't find any, they'll go looking for it, and that looking for vibration when there is absolutely none can cause (you guessed it) some small vibration."

    It's not the non existence of vibrations. But when you mount it on a tripod, the tripod itself can vibrate but at frequency which the VR/IS cannot keep up. Find the longest lens and mount it on a tripod, then tap it and see how fast it vibrates compares to holding it in your hand and you'll know what I mean. It has to do with the vibration properties of solid beams.

    Like Diavonex mentioned, there are some VR/IS which can detect if the setup is tripod mounted from the signature of vibration and decide what to do with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thinslicing View Post
    Is there any effect if IS/VR is turned on even if you don't need it (pic quality, battery consumption, etc.)?
    imagine that the lens mechanism for is/vr is correcting for shake.

    now imagine that the shake is eliminated, and that that mechanism is not smart enough to know that. it will keep correcting.

    how do you correct shake? by shaking the other way..

    so you should always turn off is/vr when you know that shake is going to be minimal, i.e. when you have placed the camera on a tripod.

    exceptions are when there is wind, and your tripod isn't that stable.

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