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Thread: Buying Benro Tripods in Hong Kong

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    Smile Buying Benro Tripods in Hong Kong

    Hi All

    I am new but have been reading up on good advices by fellow forumers here.

    I am heading to Hong Kong for a tour with my parents soon. I read that Hong Kong is a good place to shop for DSLR stuff.

    Provided I can strike 4D/Toto/Big Sweep from now to my trip, lenses are definitely out of my budget (Already paying for the trip for my parents)

    I am looking for Benro tripods. Although many forumers recommend Manfrotto, I reckon Benro should be okay for me.

    I am planning the battery grip and flash as I learn and practise more.

    Will the price in Hong Kong be significantly or marginally cheaper? I searched in this forum that there are some shops that I can visit in Hong Kong.

    For your advice pls.

    Pls pardon me if this is in a wrong section.


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    try using the forum search engine. this is a topic that has been discussed a couple of times in detail.
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    You might find this HK site useful --


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