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Thread: Circular Polariser for Running Streams/Waterfalls?

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    Default Circular Polariser for Running Streams/Waterfalls?

    Hi there.

    I was thinking of taking those pics of scenes with waterfalls. The outcome I'll prefer will be those taken with low shutter speed to show the soft flow of the water.

    I've noticed that the circular polariser will allow less light to pass and a slower shutter. From here, is it a good idea to take the waterfall pic with settings like:
    -Shutter 1 second

    Please advice. Thanks.

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    Should neutral density (NDx2,x4,x8) filters for this application.
    See link:

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    Actually, a good picture may means nothing to another. Why not you just take it, see if you like it yourself? Personally thinks that what you suggest is workable, just put it into action and show us if it really works well. I believe we all learn by trying and sharing, especially when we have digital cameras. Unless yours is not.....


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