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    Default Drifter what area is critique to be sought?
    I will like feedback on the composition and post processing techniques. For this picture, I deliberately left the car a bit smaller than usual as I think the surroundings also play a part in enhancing the car better than if it was cropped away.

    I also boosted the color contrast and sharpness of the picture in photoshop.

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    This being a drifting performance, I wanted to give a sense of motion.

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    I was part of a crowd and only had a handheld compact camera with me. In order to achieve the "motion" effect, i set the shutter to 1/30 and used freehand panning.

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    I think the picture is nice. In some way, the freehand technique made the picture a bit more artsy. Also, the surroundings seem to converge towards the car thus helping to bring the car to be the centre of attention. Still, I would love to hear opinions from fellow members what they think of this picture.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    the panning is well done.

    while this is a central composition, there are leading lines in the way of lights at the top leading to the car.

    how i would improve this, is perhaps to consider a 16:9 crop or something more panoramic to elminate that bottom barrier.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    Thank you night86mare for your comments. Coming from you, it is an honour.

    With no comments for so long, I thought this picture SUCKED!

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    Default Re: Drifter

    Night86mare is smack on -- A 16:9 crop would cut out the top and bottom, which right now, are taking attention away from the car.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    Agree with the bottom barrier comment - it seems to put a stop on the motion.

    A tighter crop might make things more dramatic. And if the car is moving towards you, the motion might be more engaging - just a hunch.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    Quote Originally Posted by moby View Post
    Thank you night86mare for your comments. Coming from you, it is an honour.

    With no comments for so long, I thought this picture SUCKED!
    nah.. it's just that the critique corner is hardly frequented.

    rarely are there bosoms to be reaped here.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    tighter would definitely be better.. frankly i'm getting a slight headache looking at it for more than a few seconds..

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    Default Re: Drifter

    Thanks to all for their comments especially Night86mare who still takes time and effort to visit Critque corner to give advice.

    I also agree that a tighter crop will be better.

    So sorry for making Nysheng giddy.

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    Default Re: Drifter

    wondering, you said you were part of a crowd because this was a drifting demo... maybe if you switched angle to show more of the crowd, then you wouldnt need to crop? Plus the motion-blurred crowed would add to the atmosphere of this being a demo event


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