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Thread: Newbie shots using a Lumix TZ7

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    Default Newbie shots using a Lumix TZ7

    Some of my recent photos taken with this wonderful camera.

    Top view of my 1:35 AFV collections. This is a German Tiger.

    Side view of the Tiger. When zoom in, the track assembly looks real.

    Another German's war machine. This is a half-track.

    The detail internal shot of the half-track.

    Comments welcome as I need to learn more from experts here.

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    Default Re: Newbie shots using a Lumix TZ7

    For #1 and #2, having the entire turret might be better?
    For #2 specifically, maybe you can turn the turret towards the camera. Consequently, while u are highlighting the track assembly, you can also have a blurred turret due to DOF.


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