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    If you can buy ziplock, you can certainly buy a cheap bigger airtight sandwich box. Pour only half and keep the rest. Put envelopes from your monthly bills over the silica gel and camera on top as not to scratch the equipment.

    The reason why your silica becomes pink fast is bec ziplock bag is not fully airtight and surface breaks with each use. For long term non contact storage, double layer is required.

    * keep important receipts, certificates out of the box as they will turn brittle. And remember to close the lid properly. Do you know cockroaches like to chew on ziplock bag too.

    Quote Originally Posted by badtzdiana View Post
    do we have to put e gels in ziploc bags??
    I poured 1 whole can of gels direct into a lock n lock box, then a piece of plastic divider with lines/ lobangs, then A4 plain paper, then my cam. lasted for 3 mths before i c some gels turned pink, mostly still slight bluish.
    is 1 whole can of gel too much??
    If put gels air tight in ziploc bag going to work e same manner as in direct pour into box??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Yes, to a certain extend. Sunlight and fresh air prevent fungus growing. Long-term storing in humid darkness with stagnant air invites fungus.
    any issues with long term storage in exposed sun (while in dry box?)
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