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Thread: My travel to the kopitiam and back

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    Default My travel to the kopitiam and back

    Decided to go for a brisk walk to a cofffeeshop 10 minutes away for breakfast. Carried my little Canon S400 with me to snap here, snap there.

    Birds on a lamp post against HDB flats seems interesting.
    Lets make subtle social commentary and call this Bird Cages:

    Ooh, small flowers patch near some bushes. Time to try macro. Snap.
    Lets call it Getting ahead

    I'm getting good at macro. Try the next flower that comes along. Snap.
    Hmm, everything in focus except the flower. Lets call this Failure and move on for breakfast.

    OK, breakfast over, time to head home.

    What's that little bird perching on the tree? Zoom in, zoom in! Darn, its small and that's about all I can reach. Snap. Its a Olive-backed sunbird. Seen better quality shots before, but hey, they all have creamy background. Mine actually has a whole tree and HDB flats background somemore. Great!

    Bird street photography. A whole new genre.

    Palm frond, funny insect against HDB backdrop. Flora, fauna and architecture. What more can one ask for in one photo? Maybe next time, I'll stick my hand in the frame as well and throw in the kitchen sink..

    Oh lookie, a butterfly fluttering. Give chase! Snap.
    Turns out its a Common Palmfly. The red leaf actually looks more interesting. I must quit soon before I die of embarassment.

    Found its friend. It decided to land on an undergrowth. Crouched to get this. Look how different the little bugger looks with and without flash.

    Fumbled with camera and missed out on a interesting bird. Thought I snap the tree instead before shutting the camera off.

    Reached home already. Look into camera, ISO 200 for everything in bright sunlight. Hmmm, I need to improve on basic skillz.

    The End.

    Thanks for looking in. Please remember, tongue firmly in cheek here.


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    your commentary was entertaining.

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    Great celebration of mundane things... I like... Like your last shot most


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