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Thread: Lion dance competition, when?

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    Default Lion dance competition, when?

    Traditionally every Chinese New Year there will be a islandwide Lion/Dragon Dance competition. I have no idea who's the organising party. Always see them on TV during the 1st or 2nd day of the CNY. Previously it has been held at the Ngee Ann City forum.

    I'm interested to know when this year's competition gonna be (if there is one at all), and is it at Ngee Ann City as per past years?

    I think it's gonna be a great photography project covering this annual event.

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    maybe you can ask at this forum:

    i think the competition at Ngee ANn city is usually held at the jul to Sep period. As for CNY, it will be just performances bu the different troupes or usually known as "Guan Mo Hui"

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    I think next saturday there is Lion/Dragon dance at plaza singapura at about 6pm, read it somewhere if not mistaken.
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