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Thread: For travel partners to Rajasthan (23 Oct - 2 Nov)

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    Default For travel partners to Rajasthan (23 Oct - 2 Nov)

    I'm not the one travelling nor planning, but helping my colleague (pearl) post a thread. there is already another male (photographer) who is travelling with her, but 1-2 more people (females preferred though) would be a better idea. highlight is centred around pushkar camel festival which is one of the photographers dreamland.

    delhi - agra - jaipur - pushkar (camel fest) - udaipur - jodphur - jalseimer and back to delhi. not going bikaner. there will be some comfort balanced with budget. it will of cos be up to the group members to coordinate the itinerary so that a pace can be worked out among all.

    pearl is confirmed easy going and fun to be with, i guarantee. but if she didn't promptly reply on her email at, can also email/call/sms me (, 91075332). i can relay to her any message. though i'm not the planner, i have some basic experiences in india and also have read a little about rajasthan (not been there yet though).
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