Hi all photo enthusiasts,

This is meant just for Malaysians who would like to get free prints just by uploading 50 of your photos into ruumz website.

I would like to share this with you guys. 100,000 FREE Photo Prints up for grabs altogether.

Upload 50 photos now in ruumz and get 20 professional quality prints for FREE!

Here’s how in 6 easy steps:
Step 1: Register or login to http://www.ruumz.com
Step 2 : Upload your favourite photos (Once you have uploaded a total of 50 or more photos, either in 1 upload or multiple uploads, you will be entitled to the FREE prints)
Step 3 : A confirmation email will be sent to you entitling you to the FREE prints
Step 4 : Activate your online e-wallet www.ruumz.com/Blings/Default.aspx
Step 5 : 200 Blings! (RM20) will be credited to your e-wallet at absolutely no obligations or strings attached
Step 6 : Select your photos and start printing! www.ruumz.com/Photos/PhotoPrinting/

This promotion is from 10th September 2009 to 9th October 2009, while stocks last only. So hurry, upload and print your photos now!

If you’re not a ruumz member yet, you can register for free.