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Thread: Pentax EXIF data

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    Default Pentax EXIF data

    Just curious as to how to read the EXIF data for the pentax images.
    Eg, The one below was displayed using my ACDSee 10.
    Is there a way for the EXIF data to contain the identity of the lens used?
    Also, what are those information in red below?

    Orientation of image: 1
    Image input equipment manufacturer: PENTAX
    Image input equipment model: PENTAX K20D
    Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
    Exposure time: 0.0004
    F number: 3.2
    Exposure program: 3
    ISO speed rating: 640
    Exposure bias: 0
    Metering mode: 2
    Flash: 16
    Lens focal length: 100
    Sensing method: 2
    Custom rendered: 1
    Exposure mode: 0
    White balance: 0
    Focal length in 35 mm film: 150
    Scene capture type: 0
    Contrast: 0
    Saturation: 0
    Sharpness: 1
    Subject distance range: 1

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    Default Re: Pentax EXIF data

    Hmm... seems like your ACDSee is displaying the exif in some sort of semi-encoded form, so a lot of the fields are still left as numbers. I think when fully decoded, it should look something like what I have below. AFAIK, Picasa and Faststone both decode correctly for me, and the exif below was extracted using Exif-O-Matic.

    Don't think Pentax's exif includes the exact details of the lens used, but only records the focal length and f-number. If you right-click (realised you're using a MAC, but this is for Windows Vista) on the jpg file and click Properties>details, and scroll down to "Advanced photos", they actually have "Lens maker" and "Lens model", but I've never seen these fields filled in before....

    Make PENTAX
    Model PENTAX K20D
    Orientation Top, left side (Horizontal / normal)
    X Resolution 72 dots per inch
    Y Resolution 72 dots per inch
    Resolution Unit Inch
    Software SILKYPIX(R) Developer Studio Version
    Date/Time 2009:09:26 22:08:29
    YCbCr Positioning Datum point
    Exposure Time 1/30 sec
    F-Number F11
    Exposure Program Manual control
    ISO Speed Ratings 100
    Exif Version 2.21
    Date/Time Original 2009:09:27 04:13:22
    Date/Time Digitized 2009:09:27 04:13:22
    Components Configuration YCbCr
    Exposure Bias Value 0 EV
    Metering Mode Spot
    Flash Flash did not fire, auto
    Focal Length 18.0 mm
    FlashPix Version 1.00
    Color Space sRGB
    Exif Image Width 3000 pixels
    Exif Image Height 1691 pixels
    Sensing Method One-chip color area sensor
    Custom Rendered Custom process
    Exposure Mode Manual exposure
    Focal Length 35 27mm
    Scene Capture Type Standard
    Subject Distance Range Distant view
    Compression JPEG (old-style)
    Thumbnail Offset 13136 bytes
    Thumbnail Length 4282 bytes
    Thumbnail Data [4282 bytes of thumbnail data]
    - Pentax Makernote
    - Interoperability
    Interoperability Index Recommended Exif Interoperability Rules (ExifR98)
    Interoperability Version 1.00
    - Jpeg
    Data Precision 8 bits
    Image Height 1691 pixels
    Image Width 3000 pixels
    Number of Components 3
    Component 1 Y component: Quantization table 0, Sampling factors 1 horiz/2 vert
    Component 2 Cb component: Quantization table 1, Sampling factors 1 horiz/1 vert
    Component 3 Cr component: Quantization table 1, Sampling factors 1 horiz/1 vert

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    Default Re: Pentax EXIF data

    I use Adobe Bridge and the exif data shows the lens used. The only exception is if the lens is very new whereby the lens focal length is shown but not the actual lens name. but an update down the road usually solves this.

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    Default Re: Pentax EXIF data

    OK Thanks Fellas.
    Looks like ACDSee may not be optimised for Pentax EXIF.

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    Default Re: Pentax EXIF data

    You can try PhotoME, which can show full lens name (including 3rd Party), shutter count, EV value, manufacturing date, SR values.
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    Default Re: Pentax EXIF data

    Oh, my bad about the lens data then.... Strange, I've never seen any info on the details of the lenses I used in the exif, even for relatively old lenses. Doesn't matter, it's of no consequence really, from the focal length I more or less know which lens was used.


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