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Thread: Everyday Items.........

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    Default Everyday Items.........

    Still pretty new to abstract and still life shots. But hopefully some of these pictures bring out an interesting view of EVERYDAY ITEMS around us.

    1. Soya Sauce Bottle (Backlighting)

    2. Key Rings
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    2. Toy Car (Ferrari)

    Well, that's all I got for now. If you have somemore, feel free to post in this thread too.

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    Default Re: Everyday Items.........

    Thanks for starting the thread Moby.
    Sometimes we get ourselves so busy
    that we almost will never ever notice the
    abstract beauty of everyday items around us.

    Here is an item that I got for my kitchen.
    Scouting pads in green do add the contrast from
    the popular red plastic bag that you are so used to
    getting whenever you go shopping at the nearby market.

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    I thought this thread was DEAD.

    Hopefully more photos of our Everyday Items around us that normally go unnoticed will be posted on this thread to give us a new perspective of things around us.

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    Wink Re: Everyday Items.........

    this item is a "must have"!

    coin (use a small flashlight covered with tissue paper from the left, to give more gold colour. object distance about 1 m)

    more coins (use the pop-up flash & used the white wall on the right side of the coins to bounce the flash. Object distance about an inch or two)
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    That's cool, i must give coins a try too.


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