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Thread: God(dess) of Small Things

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    Default God(dess) of Small Things

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?

    I would like feedback mainly on the composition but also the photography technique.
    The composition was taken with the message in mind (see question 2) and was meant to be evocative and expressive. For technique, I just kept it at TV to prevent blur-ness from hand shake.

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    Just wanted to find meaning in my photographs and take meaningful photos. The primary message of this shot was to mourn the materialism and commercialization that has taken place in our everyday life. To the children, the playgrounds and sandboxes of yesterday have been replaced by giant statue which symbolise the domineering culture of spending and shopping for things we don't need.

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    I was just idle-ing around Orchard Central at the sofas when I spotted the two of them playing around the giant statue of the high heel. It just felt odd for the two kids to find so much joy around a statue that symbolise what I feel is destroying our generation. Low-light situation for some reason because it is indoor but there was a spotlight on the statue which made it so perfect. I did post-process it abit to increase the contrast in lighting though.

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    One of my most favourite photos but I haven't take many to begin with.. just started. I love how everything just fell into place. Actually, I wanted to take them hiding behind the heel and laughing but couldn't catch them in time. *shrug* pity..

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    Your intention to take meaningful pictures is good but the execution is not there. You know the statue was a lady in shopping attire as you taken the picture but it's not really shown in here, so how do you translate this to a viewer who has not seen this statue. There wasn't enough to show that the kids were playing as all the picture shows where 2 kids with their back. Technical point, the picture is slightly tilted to the left. After you take a picture, throw out whatever in your mind of what you have seen out of the frame and just narrow your vision to the picture. Ask yourself whether it has enough elements to bring out the meaning that you are trying to show when a viewer is viewing the picture for the first time.

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    actually it's just a giant high heel not really a lady. yup but I've had alot of comments about the angle. shuld have taken slightly to the side and also capture the kids actually playing. thanks for the comments!

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    Agree with kruger.. when youe explain, the pic makes sense and stuff, but otherwise, i thought they were just standing in front of a pillar. i like the exposure though, makes nice use of shadows and the colour of the statue

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    Default Re: God(dess) of Small Things

    my teacher just taught me the other day....if the emptiness is for no purpose...take it away..make the pic tighter...

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    i think in this case the emptiness is quite interesting, emphasizes the length, contrasts the irregularity (colour, texture) of the statue.

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    Possibly taking the shot from another angle? Say 90 degrees, so you get the side of the heel? Of course you may have to reposition the kids but that could make it more interesting?

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    Default Re: God(dess) of Small Things

    i thought the height of the heels is interesting, in contrast to how short those little kids are - like they cant wait to grow up!
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    Thanks for all the comments! Yes, now yu guys totally made me regret taking this photo face on. I originally wanted to take the kids playing with their smiles and everything. The photo as it is now is quite sombre in mood. Grah, I'm just glad to go somewhere with photos like this as an amateur. So many things to keep in mind for composition, all the time trying to get the technical aspects like aperture and lighting right.

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    I find the spaces in this photo rather interesting. IMHO, the interaction between the kid and the statue is really cool. my humble suggestions:

    1. to make the photo cleaner, maybe you could move to the left a bit more so that the power plug (the white things near the floor) does not distract from the main subject,
    2. if you can capture the moment when the kids are looking up, it will have more coherence for the whole shot.
    3. or... to go much further, take a wide angle and shoot it lower than the kids eye level!

    love this photo =)
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    Default Re: God(dess) of Small Things

    this picture works for me after reading the title. love it!

    maybe the lines on the right, crop it off abit? itd be then much beautiful
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