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    To Everyone, your C&C are welcome. and also thanks for visiting / viewing

    #22 In The Air (Diamond Performance from England,Singapore Art Festival 2009, Merlion Park, Singapore)

    #23 "Y" of Keyboard (Note Book Keyboard, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, 2009, Using Cell Phone Camera, Samsung Omnia SGH-i900)

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    to everyone, your C&C are welcome. thanks alot for visiting / viewing, cheer

    #24 Night Time At Basket Ball Court (Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, 2009)

    #25 One Side of The Lamp (Esplanade Open Theater, Singapore, 2009)

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    Everyone, your C&C are welcome, also thanks for viewing / visiting, cheer

    #26 Going Vertically (Marina Barrage, Singapore, 2008)

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    waaw.. love it all!

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    To Chris123 :
    Thanks alot for your C&C, it means alot to me

    To Everyone, your C&C are welcom, thanks for visiting / viewing, cheer

    #27 Blue Green Yellow (Singapore Art Festival 2009, Esplande, Singapore)

    #28 Light of Fabric (Esplanade, Singapore, 2009)

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    These are some amazing works & with your other threads, I'm an official fan
    "Like Moths, photographers gather at the sight of light" Robert Doisneau
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    Very creative and artistic series, poster style, got commercial value. I like it. Bravo

    Thanks for sharing.

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    great shots. they're very creative and it's refreshing to view normal items from another angle. i like the shots which feature silhouettes.

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    To NineEleven:
    Thanks for your C&C it becomes a support for me

    To hoonkonclassic :
    Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it means a lot to me, cheer p

    To Achan :
    for your appreciation, i want to say thanks a lot

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    # 29 Inside (Folding Calendar at My Working Desk,DPA Studio 01, Marina Square, Singapore, 2009)

    #30 The Shadow Of Capturing (China Town, Singapore, 2008)

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    You are my idol, love all your pics.

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    To Bruce Lee :

    Thanks alot for your apreciation, it becomes a real support for me

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    very different and refreshing

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    Very graphic and well compose. see what the others don't see. I love your approach. You definitely not a beginner...
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    To casey4355 :
    Thanks a lot for your appreciation

    To kensaw :
    Thanks a lot for your C&C, it means a lot to me. Honestly I still a beginner, still need learn more (including learn from all of you and SC forum), explore more and shot more. Cheer

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    #31 Rest of The Afternoon (Taken from Esplanade Park, Singapore, 2009)

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    # 32 The Color of Water (Marina Barrage, Singapore, 2008)

    # 33 The Color Of Melody (Takamine G Series, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, 2008)

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    Excellent eye for pictures woah

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    wow. wow

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    To aprilmoon92 :
    Thanks a lot for your C&C, cheer

    To nerdie :
    For your appreciation, I want to say Thank You so much

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