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Thread: 2009 Super Import Night AAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisc View Post
    Thanks to the people who're too inquisitive to not minding their own 'life' and chose to dabble on others instead, people from CS, STOMP, HWZ, Sammy, etc, and by taking the girls' photos in unflattering manner (UPSKIRTING, then posting it) and inclining her towards a certain stereotype. Her pics are now out in the Chinese newspaper (what's next?). She'll be driven out of her house soon.

    There were also videoclips as well but my photographer friends are sensible enough not to distribute it.

    Now someone's life had been destroyed.... she wasn't herself that day. Now she'd to pay for it... what can I say? It's not about models or wannabes or anything, to me I'm there as a friend and a person, that's what I see her as. What she did cannot be undone, we can only be there for her in times of need. However, people could have tone down on it and not to sensationalize it, it's appalling how ignorant people are as to the damage and it's impact that it's causing her now.
    While it is true that some of the comments and pics posted are totally uncalled for and unfair to the model, she should have known better than to do what she did that day, on a widely covered event somemore. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise the intensity of scrutiny, criticism and the backlash such an action of hers will generate.

    The question is, as her friend, and I think you were present there, why didn't you do something to stop her at that point of time?

    You mentioned that she wasn't herself that day...if she has some problems, then as a good friend, you should try to counsel and advise her to seek help or something.

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    I would suggest that there should be some crowd control by the promoters at the booth, to request the front row photographers to lower their profile, so that they will not block the pple behind. This should solve the problem of pple hogging the front. If wanna take eye level shot, take the 2nd row. Anyway, the models will take the effort to look down at the photographers who are slight lowers and shooting up, so there is actually no worry of no eye contact pictures.

    Longer tour of duty wouldn't really solve the problem since those who hog will hog all the way.. like the case at the hankook booth.. some big guy rooted right in front standing up.. only when the model walk away then he left or change position.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManWearPants View Post

    I noticed at SIN that a lot of photographers are left "dry and hungry" as there are just too many photographers - some with handphone, some with PnS, others with dSLR and too little time to shoot. If the organisers can arrange for a bigger stage, longer tour of duty at the booth, maybe the photographers would all be happy and satisfied. But I also saw how desperate some of the photographers were. Keep hogging the front and refuse to move away after taking his snap. It is an eye opener for me.

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    If she's ill, she shouldn't be working. Her pictures and story is publish on lots of forums (other than the ones mentioned above) and by bloggers. It surprises me that even female bloggers blog on her too. The best way to get over this is to stop talking about it. The more people go around asking for sympathy the longer lasting the issue will be.
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