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Thread: Mac Users: Aperture 2 or Photoshop CS4?

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    Default Mac Users: Aperture 2 or Photoshop CS4?

    Hi CS users,

    Right now, I am using Aperture 2, has lots of great features and most of the time i edit photos in batches but many of my friends recommend me using Photoshop. I'm thinking of switching to Photoshop too because Aperture 2 runs quite slow on my macbook pro. Photoshop can only edit raw files 1 at a time right?

    don't know which to choose, if you were me, between these 2 software, which would you choose? thanks.

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    Default Re: Mac Users: Aperture 2 or Photoshop CS4?

    I think someone confused you. The Aperture equivalent is Lightroom. Not Photoshop.

    You can perfectly well use Aperture PLUS Photoshop. Photoshop is for the heavy editing/post-processing. Where as Aperture (and Lightroom) is to manage/organize your pictures, and a bit of very light post-processing. E.g. I only do a bit of exposure, clarity, saturation, vignetting, CA correction, and color profiles in LR. The rest - serious level adjustments, masks, cloning, etc. in Photoshop.

    So don't throw away Aperture - but google 'round-trip editing Aperture + Photoshop' - it's fun. But you need a fast machine (also for Photoshop)


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