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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChef View Post
    Frankly speaking, it all depends on the watch owner. One school of thought is, since I had paid so much for it and this is Rolex's most rugged watch (even the crystal is thicker than all other Rolex watches to withstand water pressure), why not I put it to the test and get my money's worth?
    TheChef, I will forever remember your this wise recipe. One day if I ever stumble upon the highly enviable fortune of being an owner of such a wonderful timepiece, you can be sure it will probably only leave my wrist upon my demise (or, perhaps not even then... who knows?)...

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    it's true that many watches outlive their owners.

    all watch collectors or lovers of timepiece should ( i think ) find out the story behind that 10.10 setting. just like photographers at least should know the meaning of camera obscura or seen the picture of the huge camera which they built to shoot the steam locomotive during the era.

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    Love the watch. Aiming for Submariner. Slightly cheaper.
    just to highlight to u, it would be nice to set the watch to 10:10 (2210hrs/1010hrs).
    got to know this when I had my attachment at a watch shop.
    u will notice most of the watches adv do the same.
    this is to emphasize the brand (the 5 matchsticks in this case).

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    Hi All,

    Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions.

    Actually this set of photos was just to test my new Ricoh GR III camera so I did not intentionally set the watch hands for the shoot.

    I would love to have this thread become a place for all Rolex owners to post pictures of their lovely watches.

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