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    was thinking of getting a shutter release from deal extreme anyone buy from there b4? is it in sg dollar? and china brand okie? or any other recommendation
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    Bought from them before. Free shipping, but took about 3-4 weeks. Think they used surface mail.

    For general products that are not so quality-sensitive, you can get from them.

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    I've bought quite a bit of items from there..
    from the jianasi flash trigger (which was not well built) to the latest YN triggers which are quite solid for the price!

    If you are looking for a shutter release for your 450D, I highly recommend the YN RF-602
    which can double as a flash trigger too! The other stuff are quite lousy but surprisingly YN have done something right here..
    Be warned though their "in process" sometimes takes very long to change to "packaging" once you order for some products.. Some items reach as fast as 2 weeks while others can take a month or 2..

    They have alot of stuff but some of their products are ok while some are crap..
    Just make sure you check out the review first.. else, I have plenty of stuff I bought still working fine!

    BTW their prices is in USD, and another site for camera stuff would be maxsaver (mostly filters) and focalprice.
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    Default Re: dealextreme?

    ordered 3 times, sent items back 3 times. most items are not well made.

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    Why not just buy from the local sellers?

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    ok look like i et the pheontix instead den ... .
    Canon 450D/ F1.8 50MM/ EF-S 55- 250MM/ IS 18 - 15 MM


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