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    Default filter to buy

    may I know which filters to buy? is circular polarizer better or linear ones? which sunset (warm) filter to buy? thanx!

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    if your camera is autofocus, then you must buy a circular polarizer. a linear one will interfere with your AF.

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    If your camera uses contrast base AF (like most consumer DCs) you can use a linear pol. But then, you can use the same filter on a SLR or the Fuji film's new 602 which uses IR base AF.

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    thanx for your replies...

    I am using a minolta dynax 5. Is it true that circular polarizers won't be effective as compared to linear ones? I"ve never used one b4 but is it true circular ones only give even polarized light but linear ones can be rotated to get the effect you want?

    and which sunset filter to use? What's a good starting shade of sunset (orange is it?) to start with? thanx once again!


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