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    Went out for my 2nd car shoot just now!
    appreciate if u guys can let me know if i can make any improvements.

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    I like the colour tone, but find the P-plate a bit too distracting and out of place. I'm a noob, but just want to give my 2 cents (maybe less... ) worth of comments.

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    yea! i find it distracting too.hopefully got time to PP it out.Thanks for the comment!

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    Hi, I'm not very familiar with automobile photography, but I read a few comments in another thread by a senior member, and I think they apply here too.

    Many of the photos are underexposed, which might be a style choice, but they make the black car very hard to see. If that was the intention though, to show how it blends into the night, you should also consider what the harsh light does to the surroundings. In this case, it makes the cement floor, honeycombed ceiling, other cars and reflector strips all jump into the photo, which is rather distracting. While in some photos, like the first, it adds some movement (receding lines in the ceiling), it is otherwise not very nice (random lights, parking lines...)

    Second, there is less focus on the car than one would expect in an automobile shoot... it seems more like stills from an action movie carpark chase (albeit with the driver removed). Perhaps you might want to isolate the car from the background. (Another thread with a sportscar did this by shooting in the day and overexposing the background)

    Yup, just my opinion~

    incidentally, don't people normally PP out the car plates lol.

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    Thanks for the insight! yep.had a hard time with the lighting.still learning the placement and ratios for the strobes.i could have underexpose the scene and just light the car but tot i'd include the surroundings too.kinda like how the car park lights and the honeycomb ceilings were in some pics.but yea,some are kinda distracting ,like the carpark lines.

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    Hey mate,

    A good effort.
    I think the style and usage of your strobes work if you are highlighting a particular part of the car. Otherwise, I agree with the previous comment that the overall feel is rather dark and underexposed, making me wish I could see more of the subject.

    I liked your very first attempt in the 'Car' thread - It had a 50/50 composition - I could clearly see the car for half of the photo while the rest was pitched out black. As a style, that works to me.

    Your clarity and strobes are working well for you though. Just need to find the right flash strength and position to get the best out of it.

    Consider using some ambient light to add more depth.

    Other than that, great work and yes, pls remove the PP before shooting.
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    Thanks for the input! will take into consideration your feedback in my next try.
    Hopefully can try an outdoor shoot in the day light!

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