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Thread: Walkabout Little India 19/8

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    Default Walkabout Little India 19/8

    Its been awhile since I take photos, so thought of doing so this Saturday (19/8).

    This is just a casual outing, and I want it to be a spontaneous and relaxing event where we just go where we want without much worries, as such I think its better to do it in a small group. 3 ppl max, so it will be easier to decide where to go.

    Lots of walking, so don't complain =) I have not been to little india before therefore it will be a random walkabout, but i will bring along the street directory.

    Location: Little India (Open to suggestions as well)
    Time: Late afternoon to evening.


    Please pm me your contact and IM/email, so we can finalise the details.

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    Default Re: Walkabout Little India 19/8

    Little india already lightup...can shoot that in evening

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    Default Re: Walkabout Little India 19/8

    cool, i guess we can do night photography there as well


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