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Thread: 2010 Singapore Airshow

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    Default Re: 2010 Singapore Airshow

    yah, rather "boring" this year...
    "camcount" freeze, till Dec 2011

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    Default Re: 2010 Singapore Airshow

    I agree. This year's show is....just quiet.

    No big bang. No sneak peek on new aircrafts. Too much focus on private business jets.

    Just wondering, is the Singapore Airshow becoming a show for decommissioning planes...?
    In 2008, there was B1-B.
    In 2010, there were A-10 and F-111.

    But most of the logistical problems and crowd management issues have been resolved. So good job!
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    Hey guys, I too avoided purchasing the food, but I did buy the drinks at $4/Gatorade & $2 for bottle water.

    IMO, its not expensive. Rather, its on par with the quality/status of the event.
    $6 (Lavish Dine's menu) is not expensive at all for such an event. Our local foodcourt prices for example City Halls 'Food Place' is $6.20 for a Japanese meal. Now, with millions of dollars on display, dozens of trade booths, what is $6 for a meal?

    Such events are one-offs in a year. They do need to manage the cost to weight ratio too.
    We as consumers have to weigh that in, and note that we are not forced to buy, you can always walk away.

    Quote Originally Posted by huaiwei View Post
    Seems to be lavishly priced too!
    Quote Originally Posted by xtemujin View Post
    Lol, yeah.
    Quote Originally Posted by huaiwei View Post
    I saw the prices for myself today at the another outdoor eatery. Simply outrageous although I was expecting that kind of price. I mean, its S$10 for a plate of normal chicken rice! Do they seriously think they are half as good as Chatterbox or My Humble House? And I don't even get to eat in an aircon environment.

    Interestingly the indoor outlet run by Suntec had better pricing for better quality food and environment. And on hindsight, the menu you posted above is actually pretty good in comparison! I didn't come across it thou....

    I boycotted the food and went home for late lunch!
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    Arrow Re: 2010 Singapore Airshow

    Many thanks to all.

    See you at the Singapore Airshow 2012.

    14-19 February 2012.


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