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Thread: update: Mislead by Sistics

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    Default update: Mislead by Sistics

    Just for those interested and read abt a thread I wrote abt how sistics told be the seats I wanted to get was Sold while infact they were on hold.

    The reason for them saying that it was sold instead of on hold was so that the buyer would be more incline to buy the more expensive tickets rather than to wait for seats.

    Well here is my reply of my written complian.

    From sistics----------------------------------------

    Dear XXXX

    Thank you for your reply.
    I hope you've enjoyed the Christmas/New Year holidays.

    I've checked and confirmed that there was a miscommunication. As according to the system, it showed that the seats at section 109 was sold out, therefore the message conveyed to you. In fact, the organiser confirmed with me that the seats was actually meant to be sold to their VIP/Corporate customers, however, due to some unfortunate reasons, the VIPs/Corporate customer had to cancel their booking.
    The organisers therefore had no choice but to release these seats to the public.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconveniences and miscommunication caused.


    Customer Service Officer Pte Ltd
    2 Stadium Walk, #01-08
    Singapore Indoor Stadium
    Singapore 397691
    Fax: (65) 6440 8476


    I blank out the names.

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    Just to add I was told all the block was sold except the last 6 rolls of each of the block. Plus when I log into the web that very night to just check how fast the seat was selling I realized that it was currently selling the seats infront of me.

    So I replied to the customer service personel that its really lame response just to brush me aside. As the system was obviously selling tickets from the back. The least Sistics could be was to be more transparent.

    I also contuine to tell them I expect very little of sistis and I know the level of consumer rights and sevice in singpoare is almost = to zero. And I mention that singapore being a small community would know of such unfair practices if Sistic is not transparent abt the ticketing process.

    So hope you guys are enlighten.


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