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Thread: D90 AE-L/AF-L Button

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    Default D90 AE-L/AF-L Button

    i tried to understand but could not exactly make use of the AE-L/AE-F button. I understand they are both used to lock the focus and exposure once you have pressed the shutter half way so that upon recomposing the auto mode wont change the settings.

    This somehow is not working with me or i am not able to use it correctly

    Can someone point me what i may be missing or perhaps the correct way of using the lock.

    ps: did i mention i am an absolute newbie to D90, must be obvious from my question
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    Default Re: D90 AE-L/AF-L Button

    I always wondered what that is for too.
    Changed mine in the end to ae continous lock when I shoot in the priority modes with spot metering.
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