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Thread: Do you classified yourself as newbies/old birds?

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    Talking Do you classified yourself as newbies/old birds?

    Hi guys, this is just an open discussion on the above topic.

    The topic here might seems pretty straight forward, either you are a newbie just starting to explore the wonderful world of photography or you are already an old bird with many years of experience in photography.

    But I think this is a very grey area... and a very subjective one.

    Take for example for my case, I started this hobby 2 years ago with a basic film Minolta SLR before going digital. I started of with zero knowledge and most of the time self-teach, go to internet (like CS), go library for resource. I have learned about the basic of photography and the theory of apperture/shuttle in SLR camera...

    After 2 years, and after so many rolls of films, do I consider myself as newbie?
    I dunno....

    but IMO, I see myself still have a long way to go in terms of technique, so maybe I will classified myself as newbie...

    I am not sure the rest of the forumers...
    How do you classified yourself? newbies? old birds? or you have other definition?

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    2 years more than enough to be an old bird. dont be stuck in the "newbie" mentality, aim far and just do it. self teaching already shows u have gone far already on your own without help (unless u r really#$%&@ or u severely lack visual sense). once u've been there, doen that, u r an old bird

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    i am forever newbie

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    Quote Originally Posted by zekai
    i am forever newbie

    me too...

    Can i be new bird?

    well i see it as if u can keep improving yet have the mind of a newbie that wld be good... cos den ur ideas will alwase be fresh lor.. don't u guys just want to wake up everyday and see the world in that brand newness u saw it as a child... i do.

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    i'm A newbie.

    everytime i hold my camera, i have this uncontrollable excitement to explore and frame something new and different. its still about the same feeling as the first time i hit the shutter.

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    I think I support the newbie frame of mind...personally...there's always something new for me to learn...sometimes you take a winning shot...sometimes simply unable to get one decent one...started out similar to jimtong...had my Minolta 505si for 3yrs plus before embarking on to digi...still I guess i've to rate myself...a newbie I am...

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    Default I am Newbie

    I started shooting 10 years ago, but i am still a newbie because i hibernate for a long time. I hope to rekindle my passion.


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