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    SO SO SORRY, tons of bricks without a petal of flower...

    Composition is wrong, or there is none.

    Focusing is out...from the mouth of the fish to the tail.

    Shooting angle is wrong, never shoot a fish with the tail pointing at the camera.

    Same bowl and table set up as previous post on Asian steam setting up effort..just plonk and shoot.

    Colour is bland, though try to use garnishing item like chilli and spring onion to boost the colour. How about the main subject as title ? Pale in colour, unable to whip up my appetite.

    Lighting is poor or flat, perhaps relying on kitchen window light.

    Exposure is off, except for the pair of extra long chopsticks which I thought usually mean for cooking wanton noodles. Never heard of using chopstick to steam fish. ( already checkup with relative who own seafood restaurant )

    Styling is totally chef comment..never use a bowl to serve fish. go have a dinner tonight in any of the seafood restaurant and order a dish of Hong Kong style or Teochew style of steam fish and see what they use to serve your order.

    Food photography is not as ez as anyone thought...have a lucky chance to visit a local top pro in food photography. His studio cum kitchen is equiped with all the necessary and functionig cooking utensils plus all the culinary ware neatly stored in cabinet labelled under Asian, Western, Malay or Peranakan order. Not to mention about wine storage plus differnt type of glasses, and fresh flowers too.

    Lighting are ceiling track remote controlled. An eye opener is two layer of in between gliding / sliding diffusing panel, which as told were to perform partial blocking plus diffusing the light.

    What are his client ? those who are in the publishing of cook books.

    Looking at those set up, I forgot to ask about his charges.
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    sorry but it looks like a raw sea bass to me

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    cabbySHE got a point
    i've never seen fish tail towards viewer
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