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    Would like to ask you experts something, i just started photography,using a nikon coolpix 2100. Took some photos recently. 1 ting i dont understand, y is it that some photos sizes are around only 100 plus kb while others are more than 600kb? I mean they are equally clear and i did not change the functions of the cam or anyting leh. Pls advise...

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    It's because the file size of the photos would depend on the content. If you take low contrast (colour), low detail photos the file size is smaller since the JPG compression has more things it can "save on". If you take high contrast, high detail photos, the file size will of course be larger since there is less compression that can be applied without losing important detail/colour. If your pictures contain noise (for example, if u use higher ISO settings), they will also tend to be larger since compression doesn't work very well on noise.


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