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Thread: Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

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    Default Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

    Hello guys new guy in this road sayin hi to everybody. Looking for Nikon D90 with good deal. if any thing out there pls advise me and what abt the PC show

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    Default Re: Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

    Hello. For good deals, look at out priceguide category. For Comex, look at the MANY existing threads already.

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    Default Re: Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

    Dear TS, I can advise you for a fee if you are too lazy to do a simple search in the forum. Interested?

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    Default Re: Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

    check out buy and sell subforums and in this case, nikon.

    and for the record, there is a search button here.
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    Default Re: Hi Club - Looking for Nikon D90

    We don't advice on good deals - cause then you will go and snap it and we don't get it anymore. The best deal is an informed and conscious decision to acquire exactly what you need for the conditions (warranty) that fit your needs as well. Hunting for the cheapest price per piece might not yield any advantage once the uncle sales man starts throwing in "promotion items, must buy also" like Vitacon filters, wide angle converters with names more colourful than any NDP fireworks and prices rocking even higher and other "valuable freebies".
    PC show .. well .. it's meant for PCs, right?


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