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Thread: watching tv/films helps imrove composition

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    Default watching tv/films helps imrove composition

    as above. serious

    coz the way those professional videocamera-men set up the framing for the tv/film scenes is very very good. classic i should say. also, the tv aspect ratio is more or less the same as 2:3 -> very applicable to SLR viewfinder

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    Or rather, look for more professional photographer works, examine and study them, improve your composition?

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    TV aspect ratio is actually 4:3. Or if you are talking about movies, you have the other aspect ratios like 2.35:1, 1.85:1, etc. Then there are the 16:9 TVs....

    I do agree that from good movies you can learn the various composition skills, that the camera man has. And shooting portraits in "landscape" format.



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