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Thread: what accessories to buy for S5IS

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    good its all good. But i don't know the prdt how to see and say "oh its cfm this then" which is why i want to know if there are only one kind of brand for its accessories. Or is there a wide array of different brands. If so which one shld i trust? I see frm others that raynox is what they use. But they have never said why? Is it the only brand then? (btw i don't need all the different lenses. Cos my pockets ain't itchy. =P just need to find out more about filters and tele-photo converter. that is all...)

    And yes! Octarine! I hate it when i want to search for really thing i wish to find out but out comes cart loads of different webby trying to sell me things -.-
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    Default Re: what accessories to buy for S5IS

    In short: you see that you need an adapter first. This adapter has a 58mm thread. That's all you need to know and need to keep in mind. All photographic filters come in different diameters with screw mount, 58mm is very common since it's the diameter of most kit lenses for DSLR. Now you just need to read up about photographic filters, keeping in mind that whatever filter you like you get you need to get the 58mm version.

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    i have the first three items

    wide angle
    and the adaptor tube

    anyone keen - 94399115

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