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Thread: Old Shanghai Streets

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    I went on a early rainy cold winter morning. And it was a different zhouzhuang that I saw. That is why I love it.

    Part of 朱家角 is already quite commercialized as well. Thing about 朱家角 is that the buildings are too new. 乌镇is also getting there. Sad but true. Even less known watertowns like 同里, 西溏 are all getting very commercialized.
    actually I feel sad for china "GOOD" tourist place...they always over harest the commercial part..and one thing good for me least I wun regret I din go there ...haha

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    朱家角 seems really pretty in the photos that i find...
    as i have only the whole of saturday and sunday morning to explore shanghai..just afraid that i might not have the time...

    anywhere within the shanghai city itself, with old streets? not old as in few hundreds years...but maybe about 100 yrs old?

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    Let me know when you are here.
    I live in Shanghai (although not always here), and if our dates match, I can bring you on an old Shanghai tour, specifically for photographers. I've been researching the streets around Puxi center for some time. Perhaps not 100 years old, but old enough it doesn't look like Pudong.

    PM me.

    Quote Originally Posted by grainpixel View Post
    Hello Guys,

    If you have only 1 full day to shoot old Shanghai Streets and the people...
    Where will you go?

    Thanks inadvance for the information!
    Leicanaut & Nikonaut @

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    Haha i am also searching for old shanghai streets. Ima here on a study trip till 18th oct..Brian i wanna go too . living in shanghai uni now

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    Just came back from holiday in Shanghai and jiangnan, for some old shanghai, try the QiBao old town. Walk the rural side streets instead of the new main street. The crab roe Xiao Long bao there is cheap and very nice!
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    Tung is right. There are a lot of old shanghai houses (untainted by tourism) and the everyday folks that leave around there - if that is what you are looking for.

    Alternatively, visit the parks that old folks gathered - you will be able to pick up a few shots with taste of how older Shanghai folks spend their quiet moments.

    Here's a small set of what I shot previously

    Tung has more pictures as he spent more time than me during that period.



    Quote Originally Posted by tungtong View Post
    Try 上海火车站AREA....
    Last trip in Shanghai I span about 10 days at 上海火车站AREA

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