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    hey me need help where to buy canon 18-200 lens at which shop that gives a good deal in town??

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    My usual reply:

    Quotes will vary, for some, there might even be a difference between calling them vs emailing them.


    CP - Cathay Photo, Peninsula (Main) Tel: 6337-4274
    CP - Cathay Photo, Peninsula (Tripod Section) Tel: 6338-0451
    CP - Cathay Photo, Peninsula (Printer Section) Tel: 6338-7783
    CP - Cathay Photo, Marina Tel: 6339-6188
    MS - MS Color, Tel: 6457-6380
    TK - T.K. Foto Technic, Shaw Tower Tel: 6269-4533
    LC - Lord Camera, Lucky Plaza Tel: 6235-4605
    PA - Parisilk, Holland Tel: 6466-6002
    PA - Parisilk, Nee Soon Army Camp Tel: 6452-1593
    PA - Parisilk, Bedok Tel: 6441-6066
    JO - John 3:16, Funan Tel: 6337-2877
    ES - East Gear, Peninsula Tel: 6837-1582
    TCW - The Camera Workshop, Peninsula Tel: 6336-1956
    AP - Alan Photo, Funan Tel: 6883-0922
    AP - Alan Photo, SimLim Tel: 6336-0922
    OP - Orient Photo, Sim Lim #06, Tel: 6339-1035

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    Quote Originally Posted by suied View Post
    hey me need help where to buy canon 18-200 lens at which shop that gives a good deal in town??
    Is that the only purpose you join? This forum works on self-service / contribution basis, browse, read, find the information, share whatever information you have.
    Please see the Price Guides in the Marketplace for further information. No need to be so lazy.

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    remember, prices as stated in price guides are only a referene for you to get a rough idea of the price,

    DO NOT claim any of those prices at any shops.

    And for the record, there's a search button.
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    hey me not lazy but just need all are better out there me just join so its not wrong to asked you all out there...any way thank for the reply very much


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