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Thread: Fresh in photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by Japz
    It's obvious that a good photographer makes a good photo.... a skillful driver will also probably win a race.... Creativity and good mental imagery is within oneself....

    I would prefer to buy something that makes me wanna explore deeper rather than buying a basic which after a while will make me crave for more...

    Get a Canon EOS 1Ds and all the available L lenses. You won't crave for more..
    Wait, there is medium format digital back that is nice, or until the next great things come along.

    OK, I'm being facetious.

    But seriously, my advise is to buy whatever camera you are interested in. Buy the F717, its a good camera and you have already rationalise it from within. I think you are here to get final affirmation from us that it is capable of capturing great images. Indeed it will, as your visit to some galleries have shown. I will be the last person to dissuade you or confuse you with another camera model. If you have come here saying that you saw some great gallery of some photos taken with camera X from brand Y, the advise will still stand.

    Stop pondering over camera choices, and just go out and take the photos you want. Learn some techniques and choose the genre you wish to explore. Go on to experiment and capture those great shots you aspire to.

    At the end of the day, month or year, look at your results. Does it satisfy you? If it does, do remember to post at ClubSNAP to share, and remember us when you are rich and famous from your work. If not, was it your lack of technique, or equipment limitation, or just a lack of photographic eye? If it is technique, easily corrected by reading and suggestions from the gurus here. If it is camera limitation, well, time to upgrade (Boy, do we have some good deals for you today and everyday at the Marketplace!). If it's the lack of compelling vision or creativity, the camera is still of use as a means to get family snapshots for those special moments.

    You have very little to lose now. It will be different if you have actually caught the photography bug, for which there is no known cure..


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    I agree with PLRBEAR.

    Starting off with film slr might help for beginners. Makes photographer think about how he wants the picture to turn out... so as not to waste money and time...
    somehow i think this will help a lot...thru trial and error..!
    maybe a bit expensive as you need to develop to know whether your shots is good or not... but the more you take... the more you learn...

    Do consider this option if you are serious in photography...!

    To have a digital camera is also good as in there are times when you don't want to bring such heavy camera and stuff out just bring along the compact digi cam and start shooting..

    Sony F717 is a good camera.... but minus point for the size, battery and memory...(IMO)
    I would recommend canon A80 or olympus c750!!
    compact and capable 2..!!

    Just my 2 sens..

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    Smile Thank you

    Appreciate your concern and adivses.... Million thanks to all the member with their soulful advises... I will take note of the concerns shared in this thread....

    Thanx fryap...... I will make my move into the camera that I like soon....

    IMHO, there is no overnight good photographer... It'll take hundreds or thousands of pictures to learn and master the skill and technique of photography....

    Shoot and shoot and shoot.... Practice makes perfect....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpix0r
    Well, look at Tay Kay Chin. He doesn't know jack about any of those but he still gets international recognition for his photo.
    all you are saying, you can be a somebody without knowing anything, that's fine!, i'm stating dun waste your money on something you never need. .
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