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Thread: The Lost Silver Coin

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    Default The Lost Silver Coin what area is critique to be sought?

    I will like feedback on the composition.
    I have centralised the coin so as to ensure it's dominance in the photo.

    I will like feedback on photography techniques.
    Used a moderately sized aperture of 4.0 to keep the silver coin in focus and to let the picture be slightly blurred.

    I will like feedback in general as well.

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    The Silver Coin contrasted by the surrounding bronze coins showing it's misplaced. It's relatively smooth texture compared to the sand allows the coin to stand out as well. shiny reflective surface adds on to that as well.

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    Felt it was strange for a silver coin to be just there.

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    I think it's an okay picture. hope to get better.

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    seems slightly out of focus

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    Don't really get anything special about the silver coin. More like, a general "ooh look lost civilization" kind of feel. May have been more noticeable if there were more bronze coins...

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    it's with a 24-105L on a 1000d i'm not sure if it's calibrated right. thanks for the input. it was an exhibition in the dead sea scrolls exhibition so i couldn't modify the subject other than perspective etc.

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    Ah.. was about to ask how did you obtain such a coin =)

    You probably would gain more attention to the coin if the composition wasn't so crowded I feel... like maybe shifting your frame more to the left? I noticed that the right side had a few objects/ thingies, and the left was more sand.

    The coin does stand out... but now it's mainly because it's reflective. Followers of "Rule of Thirds" will probably give harsher critique as these kind of small object subjects usually garner attention if along a thirds line especially with so many other objects in frame.

    You possibly could add some artificial light to draw more attention to the coin... don't think the museum people will mind if you used a small flashlight rather than the camera flash =)

    Just my two cents, pardon the pun.

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    Is this what you have taken or crop from a bigger picture. I also think it is slightly blur.
    But the high contrast of the coin did catch my attention for a while but it kind of blur so don't want to have a second look at it.

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    Default Re: The Lost Silver Coin

    question to you: what does this picture mean to you? what do you intend to show?

    if it is just a silver coin amidst bronze ones, or duller ones... why would you think it would interest others?

    there are many types of photographs. some we keep to remember, some we share to show others our view of the world. it is important to differentiate the former from the latter.


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