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    This is my first post here, wanna say hi to everyone!

    I just shot my first roll of slides, and want to scan it with my canon FB630UI scanner. But the images are turning out very dark, and of rather poor quality. was just wondering if its just a configuration problem, or do is a "special" slide scanner needed?


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    Hi, welcome to ClubSNAP! Hope you have a fun time here!

    Now, to your question...usually scanners need to have a special attachment, e.g. lightbox to scan negatives or slides. They shine light through the film and your scanner captures the image. For your model there may or may not have such an attachment support, so you've got to check with Canon on that.

    Unfortunately, most low-end flatbed scanners do not have the high resolution and good optics to scan film at high resolution and have faithful reproduction, so I doubt it will do justice to your slides even if there's such an attachment.


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