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Thread: help! fujitsu to mac switch

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    Default help! fujitsu to mac switch

    hi all, i recently got a mac, and i was surprised when i viewed my own portfolio using my new macbook pro. all the photos looked a lot more yellow than they did on my old computer, a fujitsu lifebook.

    is there a setting i have to change on my new computer? or is this the 'accurate' colour?

    please see my portfolio and tell me what you guys think. I think the yellowness is most evident in the skin complexion in the r.o.m set that i did. I had previously colour corrected them according to what i saw on my fujitsu.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Thru my macbk, your pictures is ok. I think you need to adjust the color calibration in your macbk.

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    maybe the following can help:
    1. system preference--> display: calibrate the display
    2. applications--> utilities --> colour sync: select the color space to work in
    (camera, display, printer etc should work preferably in the same colorspace)
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    Yes, it appear yellowish to me on my Mac Book.

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    Default Re: help! fujitsu to mac switch

    run your calibration. maybe do expert mode , i use gamma 2.2 and D65. this is a cheapo way because is a inbuild prog. not as great as those ext calibrator. to me it is fine. my window platform time pictures does look diff on mac.

    and even those i did while in basic mode of calibration looks diff when i try using the expert mode to calibrate.


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