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Thread: What is ECF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by birefringence
    What is ECF? Is it important to have?

    on a sidenote, ECF is one of Canon's ingenious marketing devices groomed by the talented but misguided product engineers Canon employ and prepped to look good on a feature sheet, except in this case ECF wasn't nearly as effective a selling point as say, USM (which is ACTUALLY useful) or white L lenses (which gives character, and more importantly, looks darn good! ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prismatic
    On the contrary, I find the 45 points on my EOS 3 rather useful. Considering the cross arrangement of the focusing points on the 5 and 30, the 45 points gives you more precision over which part of the frame you want to be in focus.

    Also, the AF with the 45 points is a lot more accurate, since the camera takes the focusing of a point on the frame as well as the ones immediately around it for comparision.

    In any case, if the 45 points seem a bit overwhelming, you can always close down the points to 11 points.
    Give it up, brother. Sell all your Canon stuff. Join ussss.

    45 pt ok leh. I love the convenience.

    I kind of miss my EOS 3. But my new baby is so much nicer to use.

    BTW, OT here... you still want that free Homeworld 2? Tell me hor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit
    Been there, done that. Still not as effective or easy to use compared to EOS 5.
    Well, my take is that some people find it easy to use, some don't. I, for one, think that the 45 pts are no problem at all.

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    i dont see it as 45 point AF, rather i see it as one biggie ellipse AF region which is very very very good for action shots

    the ECF doesnt work that well for my eyes' case, unfortunately. anyway ECF is tiring on the master eye used. causes a lot of fatigue/strain as u have to consciously exercise movement of the eyeball used to subjectively trace about the AF points.

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