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Yes... 50mm f/1.8

Yeah, but I do not think they (people who go with me to switzerland) will allow me to bring the tripod... so I do not think to buy it at this moment.

ps: I think I know what kind of lens that I need to buy next... in the past 24 hours, I realise (altough I do not want to admit it) that 70-300 3rd party lenses can become handy in some situations that i encounter. Get red-green lizard 'model' this morning, but could not reach it with my lens. I need to be a spider man if I want to shorter my distance. Lolz...

anyway, I am really thankful with all contibutors help.
Get the 55-200mm VR lens. Cheap and good. VR helps with hand shake as well. 300mm is a little overkill for normal shooting.