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Thread: Popular Photgraphy on Digital Photography in 2004.

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    Default Popular Photgraphy on Digital Photography in 2004.

    Read this a while ago:

    My thoughts:
    1) Canon is going 2 ways as it is now - FF for Pro DSLR (not within the reach of me) and APS for others (10D/D60 etc) - I hope they come up with a 10D and 1D replacement and a range of quality (L) lenses for APS DSLRs.
    [I was a very contended 10D user till I realise that I have to bring at least 2 lenses for my fav 24 - 105 range, then again the widest I could go was 27 with my 17-40 ]

    2) Nikon is very consistent in their DSLR strategy - 1.5 all the way till FF is cheaper and has a mass appeal. I say to that. Moving to dark side? Maybe - depends on whether Fuji releases a Nikon mount S3Pro or if there is a replacement D100 (D70 is the 300D equiv I guess)
    [Nikon has a better range of lenses for DSLR - e.g. fisheye, 12-24]

    3) Minolta - will release a DSLR with an exciting feature. The guess - AS (anti Shake) CCD instead of IS/VR on lenses.

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    4) Olympus - will expand their 4/3 lens system. Will be very interesting

    5) Tamron - after using the 28-75 Di lens, I'm sold!

    6) Pentax - Not familiar with them. Except that they want to make smaller and lighter DSLR and lenses for DSLR.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Seemed like only the darkside appears promising

    Will decide after PMA in feb 04.

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    No doubt the world (at least my world) would be looking to see how the Minolta DSLR turns out... Minolta has always be strong with their camera bodies.

    My heart goes out to the "dark horses" this year: Olympus and Sigma. Hopefully that buyers may look beyond the marketing hypes of the major players and consider these unpolished gems, waiting to shine...


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