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Thread: New to get or not to get?

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    Hi all,
    I am in a dilemma now - on whether I should get a Nikon D90 camera during this coming Comex IT Show. I currently own a semipro point and shoot Panasonic Lumix FZ50 camera. I thought of upgrading to a better camera since I have already been using the current one for more than 2 years.

    You see, I am not a hard-core photographer but I have been interested in photography for years now and I'd occassionally go out with my friends for a "photoshooting spree". The functions and kit lens provided for D90 has definitely caught my attention but the question is 'do i really need it'?

    I feel that no digital camera can ever beat a DSLR in terms of abilities and photo outcomes. However, the only thing that is stopping me in my decision of getting a DSLR is the lenses . The cost of lenses is definitely not cheap (at least for a student like me) . I know that lenses can be shared between common DSLR brand users but sometimes it can get a little inconvenient right?

    I must admit that one of the reasons of me wanting to get a DSLR is for my trip to Switzerland in 2010. Switzerland is a beautiful place and I would like to use a good camera to capture my wonderful moments spent there.

    I am in a dilemma and I so want to express myself but I am just FREAKING bad with words. I can only hope that viewers of this post can understand what I am feeling and what I mean.

    Hope you guys can give me some suggestions on what you think about this. I NEED SOME HELP and PEOPLE TO PHYSCO ME INTO MAKING A FINAL DECISION!!!

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    Default Re: New to get or not to get?

    Double posting.
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    let's just say, u DON"T need a DSLR to take nice pictures.. i'm pretty certain ur FZ50 is capable of great shots... well of course a DSLR would be able to achieve more, have better noise control, higher FPS, lenses option, etc...

    conclusion if u can afford it, get the DLSR, u'd never regret it, but if really budget is a problem, ur prosumer pns will do just fine.

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    Default Re: New to get or not to get?

    Hi bro/sis .... welcome to Clubsnap.... but please choose to close THIS or the identical thread in Newbies section please.... no need to be kiasu, there should be a few replies forthcoming .... otherwise use Search button on top... you are not the first and will not be the last with this question...

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