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    I will be in Penang from 5 Sept2009 (Saturday to 8 Sept2009(Tues), anyone wanna tag along. I'll will be driving up as early as 3am reach there b4 noon, be back in Singapore on Tuesday night. U need to find yr own accomodation during the stay. I will do streets shots and landscape. Sorry for the short notice. I only make up my mind this noon.If Interest pls pm.
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    康能 捕风猎景,雕光刻影,照山摄水,快门禅宗.

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    I am in Penang now. Any CS members happened to be there can contact me during these few days. I can 'detour' you around the island.LOL.
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    康能 捕风猎景,雕光刻影,照山摄水,快门禅宗.


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