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Thread: just bought a BenQ DC2300

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    Default just bought a BenQ DC2300

    as a total newbie into digital world, i thought that buying these cheaper Benq Dc2300 would be enough and indeed it's a easy point ans shoot w/o frills camera. However, I'm still trying hard to figure out the features such as it's possibility to use as a webcam? becos' my Orite VC3110 can do that and even has recording of both sound & video. So, anyone sharing this Dc2300, can share your tips or etc? I like the LCD, it's much bigger than my Orite but then each has it's pros & cons, the Orite LCD screen is small, but the image quality from this LCD viewing is very good than the BenQ. Ok, if I have the chance to try out this Canon A-200, do you think it will be better than these 2? Will the A-200 have zoom that can surpass this Benq and also macro shots of fine details? Thanks

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    Of course Canon A200 is better than BenQ or DC2300. Slowly you will know what i trying to mean cos these kind of camera with webcam is for beginner not really a good digital camera.

    Some brands promise you to take photo with up to 4.0 or 3.0 mega pixel but when the sun goes down, see what pic can u take? The white balance and ISO won't stronge enough for you to take a good pic during nite time.

    Again, the noise reduction also is a big problem . to qoute you something over here, always remember "Good thing no cheap thing, cheap thing no good thing!".

    Anyway, the only best part is these camera can use as webcam where the normal digital camera liek Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic,Leica, Canon can't do it!


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