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Thread: New Years Eve Fireworks ?

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    Default New Years Eve Fireworks ?

    Hi All

    Ever since i shifted out of my dad's house
    i have no newspaper : (
    so anyway,
    will there be fireworks today ?
    if yes, where and what time ?
    Must defrost the film ...

    Thanks - Lam
    Newspaper deprived guy

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    Tonight there will be a few places with fireworks, IMO the best place should be at Esplanade.

    I suppose many others places which is going to hold the countdown also have or at least some mini fireworks.

    I can't take at Esplanade tonight and going to miss good shots.

    Am on assignment shooting at Boon Lay Place for the countdown, 3 MPs and many actors/actress from Holland village and DJs will be there on show. Start at 6:30pm till 1-2am.

    Happy shooting ....

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    any idea which location at esplanade is best?
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    should be on the shears bridge. but i still can't figure out HOW THE HECK TO GET ON THE BRIDGE!~

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    Best way to get on the bridge is to get someone
    who drives to drop you off there

    Other alternative,

    You can walk up slowly from Marina South
    or Beach road

    I still don't know where they will be shooting the
    fireworks from, but i guess it will be from a barge
    off the waters infront of the durian ?



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