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    Default Good Shops.

    We've been seeing some threads, on shops having bad service etc. So i thought, how about we share about the Good Shops that we have patroned before.

    I'll start of with mine. I bought this transformers figurine from this shop called Falcon's Hanger. It was out of stock initially, so i just emailed them trying my luck and the shop was kind enough to bring in one for me. Waited about a week and then collected the item.

    Brought back the item ohme and found out that one part was not working. So i brought back the item to the shop and they checked what the problem was. They didn't fret or get angry, but they were more than willing to help me out. Found out that the problem was me having locked something accidentally. Just would like to commend their good service and the personel, named Cliff, who had rendered his good service since day 1. Everyone in the shop was friendly and nice. Something that would make your day.


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    share it here:

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