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    It has not been a good year in many sense of the word. Businesses fail, jobs lost. War, terrorism ravages on. SARS, madcow disease persists. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Even the music/entertainment industry was not spared. Nor was my personal life.

    This was taken on my last day in Tasmania on Wynyard beach (which was the same place which I posted the image "First Light"). I was lamenting abt the end of my holidays etc the day before. But I realised that as the sun rises, it signifies a new beginning, and the wonderment is that we get to see another sunrise. So, today, on the last day of 2003, I'll like to share this sunrise, and be happy we can look forward to a new beginning in 2004.

    You can click on the link to see a macromedia flash. I've no idea if the flash works in every system, as I just d/l it and use it. Its a sequence of 4 images, the 1st being this image.

    Happy New Year folks!


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    nice way to start the new year

    *ouch the sun

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    very nice sunrise...

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    Spectacular shot!

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    Thanks guys!
    Hope you all had a wonderful new year!



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