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Thread: Choosing a camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega View Post
    please read the terms of use

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerocoolAstra View Post
    you bad boy.... anyhow post post all over the forum.
    Make sure you read the forum's rules before anyhow post here post there.

    Choosing between the 3 cameras? It can be as easy or difficult as you make it to be.
    Easy: write the 3 camera models on 3 different pieces of paper. Fold them up. Pick 1 at random. Buy that camera.
    Yeah, I got the warning. LOL - tnx for the advise also. :-)

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    Thank you all for your advise. It's been a good help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunge View Post
    is ur friend new to DSLR or have some knowledge already?

    just sharing how i choose...

    1. set a rough budget
    2. take a look at prices at the price guide thread to see which models fit the budget
    3. read up on reivews, youtube has great reviews too
    5. decide on the features that matter most to u (fps? megapix? etc)
    6. learn abt lens and see what kits the camera come with, decide on the kit, or get just the body and a better lens
    7. review ur budget (after learning more abt ur shortlisted body/lens/kit)
    8. go down to the showroom and physically handle the camera (this is very important, at least for me)
    9. scout for best price and buy
    Hi, thank you for the time to give the advise - it was very helpful .

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    This kind of question is the easiest to answer and hardest to decide. Just thrown in an answer and your friend will eventually derive the decision.

    Start with Canon 500D and tell your friend. Oh why did you recommend this model? ..... well bec of xyz. If you friend then ask, why not D90... it has good bla bla bla. Then you throw in Nikon D5000. If you friend still defends D90, well you roughly know the choice.

    If you friend did not challenge your view on 500D, there is your answer.

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    Default Re: Choosing a camera

    TS, I really think your friend should get the D3 or D3x.

    Pictures will come out nice nice. And he/she will have room to grown in skills. So when get better skill, no need to upgrade camera.

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    Default Re: Choosing a camera

    Seriously, to recommend a camera for a newbie (I define newbie as someone with minimal knowledge of the science part of photography) is both easy and hard.

    Either of the 3 cameras (D5000, D90, 500D) are good.
    If the newbie doesn't know how to set this and that, having the extra mode dial and top LCD on D90 is quite redundant.

    So, not knowing your friend's interest level, budget, long-term photography goal, etc.... it would be quite tough to narrow down the choices. So tikam-tikam any one la!
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: Chosing the right camera

    Quote Originally Posted by ortega View Post
    depending on your choice of subject
    For both predators and prey.

    Back to TS, depending on your friend, each cam has its pros and cons. D5000 has the vari angle (i use this occasionally for composition, thus i dont need to lie down on the floor ), and is better for learners. d90 is better for those who have some idea on DSLR, since it gives more control and has the AF screw on it too.

    cant say about cannon, never liked them.
    Nuff said.

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    Hi there, well, this is just what I feel about the 3 cameras your friend is intending to purchase.

    The Nikon D5000 is a fairly good camera for beginners. Read good reviews about its noise control, and its portability as its quite light. But downside is that it doesn't have a internal AF motor, and will only be able to AF with the newer AFS Nikkor lenses.

    The D90 should be the ideal camera. Its perfect for both beginners and amateurs. I have the D80, which is the same body as the D90, and the ergonomics is very comfortable. Fits perfectly into my hands. And it has an internal AF motor, thus will be able to AF with the older Nikkor lenses, giving your friend more choices with lenses.

    Not too sure bout the Canon 500D. But for me, i felt its abit too small for me to grip it comfortably. Nonetheless a great camera for starters though. Has HD video too.

    Just my two cents worth. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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